We are the go-to desk to settle into Jewish life in Amsterdam.

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Picture of the author

We'll find you

  • a Network
  • a Job
  • a House
  • a School
  • a Synagogue
  • a Restaurant
  • anything you need

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Binyan A’dam is your support system while you consider moving to our lovely community

For you and your family.

We'll help you find housing and the right school for your child(ren)

For your career & education.

We'll help you find a job and all the legal requirements this entails. If needed, we'll help with a scholarship.

For our Jewish community.

We'll provide you with information about synagogue services, events and the general religious calendar.

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The goal of Binyan A’dam is to help young Jewish families, couples, and individuals move to Amsterdam and start their family lives and careers.

Binyan A’dam is the go-to desk for people wanting to settle into Jewish life in the Amsterdam/Amstelveen area. We offer assistance in finding you a place to live, a job, a study, and anything else you need while connecting you to our Jewish community.

Our services cover issues such as:

  • Finding you a job and/or study
  • Finding your home within walking distance of the Jewish infrastructure
  • Assistance in finding the right Jewish school and daycare for your children
  • Assistance in finding your kosher home amenities
  • How to qualify or retrain to comply with Dutch standards
  • Explanation on the advantageous 30% tax ruling (and other benefits for immigrants)
  • Financial support where needed in the first years after moving

Amsterdam is an amazing city to live in. In many aspects it is a global city yet is also small and charming at the same time. The many young people that live here as well as, multinational companies, start-ups and universities make it a vibrant place to live.

At the same time you have a peaceful family life, amongst other things because of the easy-going Dutch mentality and the many green areas. Of course, once one one ventures into the city, there is much to see such as the famous canals, many museums and historic buildings.

For hundreds of years there has been a big Jewish community in and around Amsterdam, with at its top over 80.000 Jews. After the war, for decades the community decreased in size. However, during the past decade, the Jewish community has experienced a revival. New initiatives and an increase of young families combined with the historical and cultural wealth that Amsterdam and its Jewish community have to offer, has resulted in a young and new movement. Binyan Adam was established to capitalize on this trend.

We are here for (young) orthodox Jewish families with or without children that are interested in making a home for themselves in Amterdam.